• Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network
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    25th LNG filling station opened in the Netherlands - New LNG filling station on the A17, in the heart of logistics hotspot Roosendaal

    By pressing the start button, the alderman of Roosendaal René van Ginderen and director Gert van Overveld of Transport Van Overveld (TVO) officially opened the latest LNG filling station of the Netherlands, in Roosendaal. This PitPoint.LNG’s filling station is closely located to the A17, in the center of the Dutch Logistics Hotspot number 1 of 2018, West-Brabant. It is the 25th Dutch LNG filling station at a strategic location in our country.

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    Two new LNG filling locations were opened in the Netherlands

    Two new LNG filling locations owned by Pitpoint.LNG were opened in the Netherlands on January 17th, 2018.

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    DCB Energy and PitPoint.LNG are joining forces to realize three new LNG refuelling locations

    LNG refuelling on the A4, A67 and A17

    Recently Carola and Freddy Berkel and Jan Willem Drijver, on behalf of DCB Energy and PitPoint.LNG respectively, signed a contract for the realization of three LNG refuelling locations. The construction of these new installations at DCB Energy sites is the next step in PitPoint.LNG's strategy to develop a European LNG refuelling infrastructure.

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    LNG Motion, a European high added value project reached a new milestone on 26 October 2016

    With its partners, Charles André Group (GCA) and PitPoint.LNG, Axègaz develops the initiative of LNG Motion project. With support from Europe, it plans to develop a European natural gas distribution network, in liquefied and compressed form, in order to achieve sustainable road transport.

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    LNG Motion project initiated by Axègaz to be awarded with a € 27.8 million grant

    The LNG Motion project, initiated by Axègaz, is included on the proposed funding decision by the European Commission to be awarded with a € 27.8 million grant from the Connecting Europe Facility for Transport (CEF-T). The LNG Motion Action aims to pave the way for a large scale rollout of LNG fuelling stations for truck transport along the TEN-T core network corridors.

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    Small scale LNG supply chain

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