• Fuelling Trucks with LNG/CNG along the Core Network
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    Profil & Expertise

    PitPoint constantly works on the expansion of clean fuel stations in Europe for governments, businesses, and individuals. Through constant innovation and investment in CNG/Biomethane, opening new CNG/Biomethane and LNG filling stations, facilitating electrical charge stations and the construction of hydrogen stations, PitPoint is making it possible to drive and provide cleaner air at the same time. PitPoint is the preferred supplier of CNG/Biomethane and LNG in the Netherlands.


    Role in the project

    Pitpoint.LNG is responsible of the construction, deployment and data gathering of M40 LNG fuelling stations throughout Belgium and the Netherlands located along main corridors. Pitpoint.LNG is the leader of the Bio-LNG Feasibility Study. Gathering data about Bio-LNG and its performance in engines is a main objective of this activity. Pitpoint.LNG will also support Axègaz in the completion of a complete business case for EU transport sector and actively participate in the stakeholder dialogue activity. 


    Key personnel

    Jan Willem DRIJVER

    Managing Director of LNG at PitPoint, Jan Willem has international executive board and management experience in Lelystad (agri-sector), the Low Countries (part Rabobank Group) and GE Capital.